zaterdag 28 maart 2015

Pirate Bert...

...painting the floor of the Folly studio.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 21 maart 2015

Tree Creeper

A recent addition to the Irish avian population.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 14 maart 2015

All You Need in Ireland

Tons of wood, a fantastic stove and piping hot water for gallons
of tea! Everything you need for a great time at the Folly,
the smaller of the Pirates' two houses.
Drawing: Peti Buchel

zaterdag 7 maart 2015

Ballintubber Abbey

A place of worship for more than 1,600 years.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 28 februari 2015

Achill's Chosen Son...

 champion boxer Johnny Kilbane.
PS The rainbow's just a happy coincidence although
the weather here is so manic that they're all over
the place.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 21 februari 2015

Two Best Friends...

...enjoying the evening sun in nearby Achill Sound.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 14 februari 2015

zaterdag 7 februari 2015

zaterdag 31 januari 2015

Polranny Pirate...

...finds forgotten pyramid on Irish beach!
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Ancient Rock Painting...

... of a human profile found on an Irish beach. Or was it simply created by Mother Nature?
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 17 januari 2015

Historic Document

The house as it was when it was first discovered by the Pirates back in 1973!
It hasn't really changed that much...
Photo: Polranny Pirates Archive

zaterdag 10 januari 2015

After the Rain Comes the Sun

Spotted at Achill Secret Garden and lovingly tended by our friends Willem and Doutsje.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 3 januari 2015

Every House Needs a House God...

... and here at the Pirates' house in Ireland she's called Agnes Dei.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 27 december 2014

Ancient Kingdom...

...discovered on Irish beach.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 20 december 2014

Never a Dull Moment...

... in a quiet Irish seaside resort!
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 13 december 2014

Just Another Day at the Office

Pirate guest Mar de Hoog working on her photos of nearby Achill Island
that were published as a book in October.
Photo: Els Joie de Vivre

zaterdag 6 december 2014

A Hungry Heron...

...looking for its breakfast. Its attempts to catch a fish ended in dismal
failure and it stalked off in a huff.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 29 november 2014

Stylish Seaweed...

...just the thing for a Pirate shower curtain.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 22 november 2014

zaterdag 15 november 2014

Pirate Annie...

...wondering what object of beauty will conveniently pass in front of her lens.
Photo: Bertje

zaterdag 8 november 2014

Every Morning and Evening...

...Pirates silently commune with this wondrous creature.
PS She's an Irish hare so her coat will turn white in the winter to
blend in with the landscape.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 1 november 2014

zaterdag 25 oktober 2014

Evening Robin...

... in the Pirates' garden.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

zaterdag 11 oktober 2014

Photo Book Presentation

The Polranny Pirates Foundation congratulates artist Mar de Hoog! She 
stayed at our house for six weeks while photographing Achill 
Island. This evocation of light on landscape has now been published 
as Stil Even, a book to be presented in Holland by Pirate chief Peti Buchel at 
Galerie Noorderlicht on Sunday, October 26 at 3 pm. Copies of this signed, 
limited edition will be available at the presentation and also by emailing publisher 
Philip Elchers.

Photo: Mar de Hoog

zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

zaterdag 27 september 2014

zaterdag 20 september 2014


...the Pirates' mascot on his way to the wild, wild west of Ireland.
Photo: Annie

zaterdag 13 september 2014

Listen, the Trees Are Talking...

Photo: Annie, click the photo to hear them whisper...

zaterdag 6 september 2014


...a painting by recent visitor Jeanne van der Heijden.

zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

Upstairs at the Folly

A place of contemplation and nature. Prices from €16 p.p.
per night on the basis of two people staying for 8 or more days.
©Annie Wright Photography

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

A Feast in the Making

Bought from Sweeney's, the local supermarket, along with a six-pack of Guinness!
©Annie Wright

zaterdag 16 augustus 2014

The Pirates' Insignia...

...made by guests who stayed at the house in Polranny last summer.
©Annie Wright Photography

zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

The Folly...

...peeping through the surrounding woodland.
©Annie Wright Photography

zaterdag 2 augustus 2014

The Front Door...

 the Folly, the smaller of the two houses in
Polranny. Prices from €16 p.p. per night on the basis of
two people staying for 8 or more days.
© Annie Wright Photography